Photoshoot Etiquette

Photoshoots are fun! We laugh, have a great time and get lots of amazing pictures. However, to make photoshoots go smoothly, there are a few guidelines that help make the photoshoot spectacular:


  • Coordinate! Matching colors always makes the photos look better.
  • Pick well-fitting clothing. Clothing that is too tight or too loose will be noticeable on the photos.
  • If you have trouble picking out outfits, just ask! I can assist with outfit selection.

Hair / Makeup

  • Makeup: Keep it natural. Don’t go over-the-top. Light foundation and neutral color lipstick and eye liner are the best bet.
  • Hair: Arrive ready to shoot. Bring a brush, hairspray or necessary items for touch ups.
  • Helpful tips: bring tissues, a hand towel or a makeup kit for last minute touch ups.
  • If you need help with hair and makeup, I partner with some excellent hair and make up artists that I can recommend.

Planning / Scheduling

  • Appointment time: Be punctual. I don’t watch the clock but please be on time. I understand that unforeseen things do happen. I would rather get the right shot and run a few minutes over.
  • Plan a night out after! You’re going to look amazing so make a day out of it!

Planning Meeting