Fine Art Portrait Sessions

We believe that Wall Art is timeless.
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What is a Fine Art Portrait Session?

A fine art portrait session is designed with one purpose in mind: to adorn a special space on your wall or in your home with a custom piece of art.

Session Fee


Return Clients

No Session Fee


What You Get

  • In-studio or on-location up to 1 hour for 4 people
  • Entire product line of wall art and album options available
  • 30-40 images to select from
  • Custom Print Ordering meeting with designer
  • Unlimited poses
  • Once a Client Always a Client program

Portrait Wall Art Size Comparison Chart

How to Choose the Right Size Canvas?

Fine Art CanvasCanvases come in all shapes and sizes. They can be vertical, horizontal or square. They can be large or small. A single image can span several canvases in a collection or fill a canvas in a prominent spot where it can be enjoyed for years to come.

At Nathan Caskey Photography, we spend a good deal of time educating our clients on how to select the right sized canvas for your space. It may seem that the age of fine art has come and gone but this is far from the case. Even in this digital age where so much research is put into discovering the right flat-screen television, the same principles can be applied to a fine art canvas.

When selecting your fine art canvas, consider the size of the room. Anyone who has purchased a large flat-screen television can tell you the proper seating distance from a 60″ television in a living room or bedroom. There is a reason for this and it dates back before televisions were common in every home.

A fine art canvas is the correct size when the face on the canvas is 60%-100% of real life size.

An easy way to check for this is to hold your hand up to the canvas. A person’s hand is about the size of the head and a fist is about the size of a face.

Setting up a Consultation

A complimentary consultation is required prior to your session to determine the canvas size that your space requires and the type of portrait that will work best with your decor. We also assist you in planning outfits and to discuss anything we can do to help make your session special and unique.

Reserving your Fine Art Portrait Session Date

A deposit of $100 required to hold your photoshoot reservation. Fine Art Canvases start at $600. You will also receive digital images of your photoshoot session along with your purchase. After your portrait session, a proofing and ordering session will be arranged specifically for you.  Our clients love this special presentation! During this session, we will discuss options and determine the best portrait for your fine art canvas.

Once a Client, Always a Client.

We want to be your life-long photographer. We want to capture first steps, giggles, lost teeth, graduation, weddings – and all of the wonderful things that happen in between! Once you have had a full-priced Fine Art Portrait session, you will never pay a session fee again. It is our gift to you.

Schedule a planning meeting today and get a free 11 x 14 print added to your order.

Planning Meeting

The 30 x 40 Fine Art Portrait displays well over a sofa in a living room space:

Or line up smaller canvases to create symmetry:

Dining room wall space easily accommodates large-format fine art gallery pieces.

Even entrance ways and hall spaces are excellent candidates for fine art gallery canvas prints.

Living room spaces filled with fine art canvas prints draw the eye to the focal point of the room.

Schedule a planning meeting today and get a free 11 x 14 print added to your order.

Free Planning Call

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