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Ethereal Backgrounds for Fine Art Photos

Ethreal backgrounds

What if anything was possible?

Fine Art Photoshoot

If you could be anywhere you want, where would you be? With a little digital magic, it’s possible. Photos can be taken anywhere and there are lots of beautiful places on this planet, but it’s not always possible to be in the right place at the right time. Imagine that you could, for a moment.

In this example, I’ve taken this precious little girl and transported her with the help of Photoshop into the beautiful field of purple flowers.

This can be done in almost any shot. This is the same method that I use for SPORTraits.

Family is a gift that lasts forever

Another example of a magical transportation using digital backgrounds. Often, I recommend to choose backgrounds that will match the decor and color scheme of your home when prints are transferred to large-scale fine art canvases.

Fine Art Photoshoot