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40 x 30 Canvas Portrait

Izabella Caskey

I just ordered this photo in a 40 x 30 canvas portrait. I took this photo, of my 6 year old daughter Izabella, on our cruise earlier this year. She was extremely excited to wear her new dress that she got for her birthday. She wanted to have a picture “on the sparkly stairs” on the cruise and this is what we got! I may be a little prejudice, but I think she’s the most beautiful thing ever.

I chose the 30 x 40 canvas size because when the face on a canvas is between the size of your fist to the size of your hand with fingers stretched out, it is between 60-100% of real life size. This causes a stronger connection visually to the portrait.

40 x 30 portrait on the wallWhile holding the 30 x 40 portrait, it seems enormous, but when hung on the wall, it is just the right size.

This often happens when ordering large size portraits. In terms of size when art is hung on the wall, 11 x 14 is extremely small. Even 16 x 20’s are tiny when you step away. To get a really good view of the portrait, I believe that the 30 x 40 is perfect!