Introducing… Extreme Sports Photography

Dance Template - Dance Photographer Charlotte

Photographers get excited about little things… but sometimes those little things are big things. So far in my photography career, I have focused on perfecting my photography technique with both natural light and in-studio. I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend a LOT of time in the studio and lots of talented people.

Cheerleader PhotographerI believe this is the next step in taking photography to the next level. I’m excited to introduce Extreme Sports Photography¬†with amazing 3D photoshop environments. I’ve worked with sports teams, cheerleading squads and groups and often it is difficult to coordinate a group or even lining up individual photos for sports and dance teams when everyone’s schedules don’t match. This eliminates the need for coordination of schedules. Each team member is photographed on a green screen background then added as an individual or placed into a group shot.

Water Splash PortraitsI have the capability now to create composites with multiple backgrounds and styles that show movement and make the photos stand out above normal portraits.

The photo can be taken in-studio or with portable studio equipment that can be set up on location.

I have lots of ideas for new extreme sports photos but I’d love to hear your ideas too. Send me a comment and let me know.