Baby Photographer

Baby’s First Photoshoot

My very first newborn photoshoot! I have four children and I love my babies… but it has been nearly five years since we have had one this small! (I can’t believe that our youngest is almost five years old.) I have to say, it really is nice when they sleep most of the time and stay where you put them without running away…. psst… NEW MOMS … you’re going to understand this one day!

This little princess was ready to wear the crown in her family. She has a big brother (who is almost four) and is reportedly a daddy’s boy. It was about time that a momma’s girl was born.

For this photoshoot, the layout was really simple. Not a lot of space is needed for a newborn photoshoot. I borrowed a bean bag chair from her brother’s room and spread a soft, clean white sheet over the bean bag chair. There was a heater in the room to make sure she stayed warm and cozy during the photoshoot.

The timing was perfect. She had just recently nursed so she was happy and content and ready for a nap. Also, we scheduled the photoshoot for mid-day instead of the evening when there wasn’t a lot of distractions (i.e. four year old brother tearing up the house!)

The only light source came from the nursery window. It was even an overcast day but that was plenty of light to bring out the priceless beauty of this little angel.

The photoshoot itself took only about 30 minutes. She was done posing for the camera and ready for her beauty sleep. This mini-session resulted in beautiful pictures for mom and dad that they will treasure forever.