Fine Art Photograpy

Selfie with a 70-200mm Lens

It’s harder than you think to take a selfie with a DSLR camera. Even harder to pull off a good selfie with a zoom lens like the classic 70-200mm portrait lens. This lens has quickly become my favorite lens in my collection. Taking a selfie with it, however, requires a mirror … or at least a tripod and a remote shutter. At f2.8 aperture the 70-200mm creates beautiful bokeh and crisp focus.

Of courseĀ it’s all about skill and knowledge of the camera too. It has been said in many camera circles to invest in glass (lenses) and that is absolutely correct. This photo was taken with a Tamron 70-200mm lens at f2.8 and a Canon 5D full frame body.

Personally, I love the math that it takes to calculate aperture, shutter speed and ISO. It’s probably not for some people, but as a professional photographer, I love it.

I am also thankful for my wife who supports my love for photography. Here’s a photo I took of her with the 70-200mm:

Look! Pigs do fly!