SPORTrait Track

Behind the scenes of a SPORTrait “Sports Portrait” Photoshoot

Before a SPORTrait becomes a work of art, it looks something like this. Then, a little digital magic happens and it becomes the photo above. This can be done either on-location (usually on the sports field or track) or in the studio. Lighting matters a lot with SPORTraits and great care is taken to give […]

Ethreal backgrounds

Ethereal Backgrounds for Fine Art Photos

What if anything was possible? If you could be anywhere you want, where would you be? With a little digital magic, it’s possible. Photos can be taken anywhere and there are lots of beautiful places on this planet, but it’s not always possible to be in the right place at the right time. Imagine that […]

Queen’s Landing Lake Norman Wedding

Congratulations to Nicole and Nick on their spectacular wedding at Queen’s Landing on Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC. Nicole stunned everyone with her beautiful wedding dress. It was an honor to be your wedding photographer for your perfect day.   Their magical day started with perfect weather and an enchanting first touch photo Lake Norman […]

Izabella Caskey

40 x 30 Canvas Portrait

I just ordered this photo in a 40 x 30 canvas portrait. I took this photo, of my 6 year old daughter Izabella, on our cruise earlier this year. She was extremely excited to wear her new dress that she got for her birthday. She wanted to have a picture “on the sparkly stairs” on the […]

Introducing… Extreme Sports Photography

Photographers get excited about little things… but sometimes those little things are big things. So far in my photography career, I have focused on perfecting my photography technique with both natural light and in-studio. I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend a LOT of time in the studio and lots of talented people. […]

Baby’s First Photoshoot

My very first newborn photoshoot! I have four children and I love my babies… but it has been nearly five years since we have had one this small! (I can’t believe that our youngest is almost five years old.) I have to say, it really is nice when they sleep most of the time and […]

Partnering with The Humane Society

  During the month of February, 100% of all session fees for “Pet Appreciation Month” will be donated to the Humane Society. The Humane Society is dedicated to giving pets a second chance by providing “Fur-ever” homes to hundreds of lovable pets. A part of the “No Kill South Initiative,” The Human Society is committed […]

When you don’t know your photoshoot client does yoga…

The moment in the middle of a photoshoot when you don’t know your client does yoga and they totally surprise you… that rocks! What fun! In your photoshoot, whether you are the photographer or the client, talents like this really break your photos way outside the box. Can you chew gum while riding a bike? […]

Baby Photographer – Charlotte NC

What a joy to be able to deliver these photos to proud parents! This little guy was so happy and didn’t cry or get upset once. And so dapper! Really he made photos easy. As a father of 4 kids… my youngest about to turn five, I remember this age very clearly. It really is […]